In continuation of his Divine spiritual assignments to deliver the oppressed, breaking yokes of the heavily-laden and bringing smiles to the faces of the oppressed both in business, family background and fulfilling relationships, Apostle Adetayo Olaonipekun Adelaja of Divine Surgery For The World has again set the stage to host Londoners in celebration of God’s goodness, testimonies and Marriage Blessings. Billed to hold on Sunday, August 27, 2017 from 8am to 11am at its venue, All Saints Community Centre, Monson Road, London SE14 5DJ, the event is being put together to restore smiles on the faces of many facing relationship challenges and imbibe ways to secure happiness in all aspects of life which, according to Apostle Adelaja emanates from marriage institution.

Preceding the program will be a celebration of Praise Night on Friday, August 25 during which the Surgery’s interdenominational revival prayer programme holds in its usual tradition every last Friday of the month. Time is 7pm to 10pm.

Speaking to Safari News about the much-talked about programme, Apostle Adelaja, fondly called ‘Genera’l took time to relish the importance of the Marriage Blessing programme which he said have been a great blessing to many who have been part of the event in the recent past. Here, we took him on an encounter. Read on;

What is Celebration Praise Night all about?

It’s just for us to give praise to God for His goodness upon our lives and for bringing testimonies our ways.

What informed the idea of Marriage Blessings programme and how long ago have you staged such programme?

 I believe marriage is the bedrock of Faith. The Bible says one will chase a thousand, two will chase ten thousands. How do we work it out? It is a mystery and Divine Mandate.

What have been the fruits of the marriage blessing unto the lives of members and many who have witnessed the programmes in the recent past?

Marriage is the beginning of this ministry. The enemy used that avenue to torment people and ridicule them. But God has given me that mantle to break the demons preventing people from getting married and living peacefully and happily in marriage.

Majority of the cases pertaining to relationship that I have always handled are complex but God has always given me the solution. That is why I tagged it Divine Restoration Assembly.

Some ministers of God will criticize you that you need to remain single for life because of your past mistakes. Permit me to speak in my Yoruba language, “Iya Ndagbe, surely Baba ma y’owa. They allow boyfriend but not that you remarry and getting back to track. They are hypocrites and I advise them to read John chapter 4 and 8.

Apostle Adelaja….in one of his teachings

Today, marriage is no longer seen as a sacred institution by the younger generation, in your own perception, what would you say are the implications of this in the lives of our women generally?

Permit me to speak in my language again, “Eni ija o de ba, l’onpe ara re l’okunrin”. Someone once said at the edge of deportation, “In Western worlds, majority of marriages are sealed out of convenience because of right to remain in the Land, not sacred. If you don’t have documents or property, then you must have “Ego, Kudi, Owo”. I mean “Pepper” called Money, if not, no woman or man will marry you in this dispensation. I remember some people that wanted to marry because of documents. I told them that the person was not the right one. Initially, they hated me with passion but eventually, they listened to me after fasting and prayers. Within one year, they got their documents and are now blessed with children.

Lending credence to Apostle Adelaja’s submission, Evangelist Margareth Olatunji of The King and I Ministry said, “Your observation is true, this is so because men and women in marriages have failed and disappointed God, the institutor of marriage. Men and women in the church, in the community, at home and the world at large do not fear God any more; everyone therefore is doing what they like. The children and the youths of today have said in their hearts that if marriage is all about what they have seen in mum and dad, sorry they are not going through marriage; this aptly explains that mum and dad are bad examples to them. Please, be it known unto the married; if you fail in your marriage here on earth, you will not be qualified for the heavenly marriage super of the Lamb, more grace to you.

And having been a beneficiary of Apostle Adelaja’s marriage teachings and deliverance, a member of the Divine Surgery For The World, Sister Bunmi in her words told Safari News, “Praise God! This world that we are is full of challenges and one of the challenges is getting the right man that God has kept for you. So it is to God’s grace and favour that I met my husband. Because I have seen them in different forms; some are liars, cheats, womanizers, name it! But I told God that please this is what I want in a man, a man that knows you God and one that will serve you diligently. This is because if a man knows God, every other thing will fall in place. God answered me by giving me my husband. Also, since I have been attending Divine Surgery For The World, the words and teachings of Apostle Adelaja has enlightened me more about the relationship with God and also what it should be with your husband or wife. Being in the church, Divine Surgery For The World physically will make you see and understand my testimony, so come and join us to worship our God in the beauty of His Holiness. 

More of Apostle Adetayo Adelaja’s exertions like counseling every Saturday and teachings on Saturdays for the London community and many more could be accessed through the church website – www.divinesurgeryfortheworld.org 



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