Precisely a week ago, Hon. Oladipupo Okeyomi, fondly known and referred to as “Carry Go” clocked 50. Not only did the popular politician and philanthropist in Ijaye Ojokoro community played host to all and sundry at his C& S Church at Moshalashi area of Ojokoro, he took time to extend his large heart to the widows and empowered the various needy in his community as part of his birthday anniversary.

Highly affable and accommodating Carry Go, a Master’s Degree holder, qualified administrator, security consultant, farmer and contractor is sure an ardent believer in the APC party leaders and most importantly his political fathers, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, hence he was full of gratitude to these two icons who he said gave him the opportunity to be where he is today.

In this rare and exclusive special birthday interview with SAFARI NEWS, Hon. Okeyomi , like he never did before took time to reveal what led to the fall of Governor Ambode, not clinching the 2nd term ticket. He also told of when he will be coming out to contest for political office anytime soon and many more. It’s revealing, here are the excerpts;

How do you feel turning 50-year-old?

At 50, I have realized that I have to take things cool unlike the past years. Between the ages of 18-49, you can rush the things you do as a man but now at 50, you just have to take things easy because age tells but that will not stop me from fighting for the good cause and well being of the poor masses.

Now that you have attained the Golden Age, what would be your projections for the future?

As a philanthropist, I will continue to do just that. For instance, I’m expecting to empower some people tomorrow (being my 50th birthday) as part of my birthday celebration, these are the widows who have no one to help them. Whatever I give to them are my widows’ mites. The little I have, I always give.

You have been a vanguard of struggle, especially in this community, Ojokoro and more importantly with the cause of the masses, how has the struggle been so far?

Well, as you said for the masses, 80% of the people in this community call me “Hope of the  Masses”  and I accepted it and I pray by the grace of God, when I get to a bigger position more than where I am today, I will also do more than am presently doing. I will continue to fight for the masses and extend the hands of mercy to them whenever they need help from me.

What would you want to say about this your community, Ojokoro?

Ojokoro, Glory be to God, I am part and parcel of Ojokoro now, I am an Ojokorian because I have my investment in this community. I invested in this community a lot and I will continue to pray for this community. The last time I contested in this community, because of the interests I have in the people here in the community, I developed the community, I brought some investors from abroad to come and develop the community. They were all here. I have friends from abroad who can come and develop this community but when they were doing something and you are not invited, you are not called by those powers that snatched ticket from me. They just abandoned everything and with that, you have no option than to leave them to what they are doing and pray that when you get there, you will be able to do what is necessary for the interest of the generality of the people of the community.

The issue of snatching the ticket from you from achieving the feat you wanted to achieve, would you say you have forgiven them?

What else do I want from God? You have to be grateful, the person that did it is formally out of government. By the grace of God, by 29th March 2019, he will be out formally and finally. When he did it, I knew something was going to happen to him because I am a rock that can never be moved. People call me, “Ko s’egbe, Gbe le”. When the governor touched my ticket, I laughed and said, this man, just because you don’t know “Carry Go”! Mind you, I can fast for 20 years to get something from God, just to get only one thing from God. I can do whatever that is necessary to Almighty God; make sacrifices to God for Him to do one thing for me. I have prayed and I know he was not going to get that 2nd term ticket. I have said it when some journalists came here to interview me; I told them emphatically that Ambode’s second term is in the hands of God. And God has told me he’s not going to get there. I know am a prophet of God, I am a preacher in my church and they know me. So, I knew he was not going to get it because be tampered with the anointed man of God. He was not supposed to have tampered with an anointed man of God, just because of Aregbesola. What has Aregbesola got to do with issues in Lagos State? The man is in Osun relaxing there as a Governor, so because of him, because am one of his loyalists, one of his political sons, you continue to victimize his followers!

…Hon. Okeyomi at work

Would you say Gov. Ambode may have done similar things to some other political fathers and associates as well?

Yes, it’s not only me. He did the same thing to a lot of people. The man called Ambode does not even want to hear Aregbesola for reasons best known to him. Hearing the name alone makes him get angry with anyone around him and it should not be so. This is someone that assisted him in getting to power through the help of his political father. Aregbesola is our political father; Tinubu is his own political father. As directed, the man supported you with everything whole-heartedly. So, I wondered what the man, Aregbe has done to him to warrant such hatred and ridicule towards everything around him. That was very, very bad of him. But I give glory to God today; he will be out of office. That title of “His Excellency” will stop. Simply put, he was not supposed to behave the way he did and this is a great lesson to our future leaders. They need to realize that there are procedures that must be followed in doing things while in government.

A lot of people do not know this aspect of you that you are a professional aside the much-proclaimed politician that you are known for, could you expatiate more on your profession?

Well, let me tell you this. I graduated from the Ladoke Akintola University where I had my Master’s Degree. I’m a qualified administrator, also a professional security consultant, that’s my profession. I’m also a farmer. I have a very big farm in Ekiti, am a businessman, also a contractor. I struggle a lot to make ends meet. I am a person that doesn’t relent and I give to the people. About 80-85 per cent of my resources is spent on the less privileged.

What kind of Lagos are you expecting to see under a new dispensation come 2019?

Oh, the Lagos of Sanwo Olu, Sanwo Eko! (….laughter) The man, Sanwo Olu has integrity, he’s a man of honour, man of dignity, a man that has been dignified in different ways, he’s a man to be respected and be honoured. Very humble a man. Meanwhile, there are some people who does not forgive but look at this man, Sanwo Olu, a lot of people that have worked with him in the past years testified to it that he’s a worthy personality, he feels for people but the man we have on the “throne” today does not even bother, he does everything his own way, he doesn’t want to see anyone, he doesn’t mix easily with people.

Would you now say it’s because of all these that the person you are talking about lost the ticket for the 2nd term in office?

Yes, the man is not a politician. How would you expect a politician to misbehave the way he did? Your leaders were still on top of your matter, working out strategies to consider you, you then went ahead to address a world press conference, insulting your co-aspirants who’s now our candidate in APC, why the insults that he’s a psychiatrists patient, he’s involved in currency fraud cases, why, why? All because of position, just because you want send term in office? If you ask me, he would have addressed the press by appreciating the political fathers, party loyalists and plead for consideration to be given the ticket, go as far as kneeling down for them and promise to make amends where necessary, where he must have made mistakes in the past. Am very confident, they would have reconsidered him and probably persuade Sanwo-Olu to allow him the 2nd term, and then it will be his turn. Rather, he went ahead insulting Asiwaju Tinubu, all party leaders, noooo, that was very, very bad of him. Later, he also went to put people together castigating Asiwaju, staging a make-belief protest. That was not good for today’s politics as a sitting governor and chief security officer of the State. You allow people to stage a protest, does he not know that, that protest was a breach of security that had the tendency of causing havoc.

With that occurrence in the party, by your estimation, will it be possible for Gov. Ambode to grab public office in the future?

If God allow him, he can get another office but not elected position, I don’t think so because all he did was simply a betrayal on the part of the APC party hierarchy. Even in his village, nobody will vote for him at all because he didn’t behave well at all.

Personally, are you looking into jostling for a political office anytime soon?

I know you will ask that. Very soon, am expecting the party leaders and the people in my community to call me that “we want you to come out and contest for this or that”. I have tried my best, I can never go against the directives of the party. They are the owners of the party. If they say, I should wait; I obey them, that’s it.

But are you not allowed to make your intentions known that you desire to gun for a particular position?

Well, they know what fits me. They know where I’m supposed to be, they know! When it’s my time, they will call me, come and go for this and I will heed their call and go.

How would you evaluate the exertions of the APC party leaders especially with regards to the recently-concluded electioneering processes?

They have tried, really tried. What they did in our party recently have been free and fair and I commend them for that. Everywhere in Lagos was freely done except in one or two LG’s where there were issues which were later resolved. They really did their best.

What kind of Nigeria are you looking forward to especially after 2019 general elections?

Nigeria, where a Dollar will be an equivalent of One Naira, where a Pound will be changed as usual for Two Naira, where food will be on the table of everybody at ease, Nigeria where our security will be perfect, Nigeria where the youths will be allowed to govern us after Buhari.

How would you describe the impact of the woman in your life, considering all you have been through?

Well, I don’t think I can call the woman in my life a wife; she’s a mother, my confidant, my pastor. I can call her all the best names in my head. She has tried for me a lot. You know us, men the way we are but this woman in my life is so spectacular, she doesn’t bother, she’s always there for me. She takes to the attitude of praying for me always. She’s a woman of honour. She’s to me, a golden joy.

Are there things you wish to advise the APC party hierarchy with regards to the 2019 general elections?

I want to say that as we did in Osun, they should not relent and do the same in all states so APC will win round in 2019. PDP, to me and the party as a whole is not a threat at all. They are simply an association of liars and they are also association of incompatible people. You can see them protesting and protesting everywhere, how can you stage protest at odd places when there is elections tribunal? Why don’t they go to the tribunal to challenge the issues. They went to INEC headquarters, police stations to protest, what concerns the police with the elections held in Osun? Has the police become INEC or what? Some of them, I think something is wrong with their brain. If I were the Inspector-General of Police, I will order for their arrest, charged them to court for disturbing the peace of the police station and they will be sent to jail.

However, I will not be fair without paying tributes to my fathers, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola who discovered me and my talents as private security personnel. Am greatly thankful to Ogbeni Aregbesola for believing in me. I also want to thank his own political father, Asiwaju Tinubu for all he’s done for me because last time, he said Okeyomi’s mandate can never be changed but somebody somewhere decided to go against him and changed it. But God also changed his own too as he decided to change mine. Then I told God that if I didn’t qualify for that position, let this man get his 2nd term ticket but if am qualified and people prayed for me that I should get to that position and my community also wanted me to be there and this man forcefully collected my ticket from me, God should prevent him from having the 2nd term ticket. Miraculously, God proved Himself, not only did he loose the ticket; he was also ridiculed, after having wasted the Lagos state funds. Imagine, he’s the only governor in Nigeria that his party rejected; he’s the first and only governor to be treated as such. But most importantly, I thank God that in spite of everything, He has vindicated me and am most grateful God will always be God, the way He proved Himself in my circumstance.

Want to thank you for your time in this special birthday anniversary interview and sincerely wish you many happy returns.

I am very delighted to have you my good friend, thanks for this audience given me and your warm wishes. God bless.

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