That Junior Dr. Badero John Olurotimi, an American-based medical doctor practicing in Jackson, Mississippi, United States made recent claims on the pages of Newspapers and magazines including social media that he’s ‘the world’s only fully trained and board certified cardio-nephrologist’ (combined kidney and heart specialist) is no longer news.

The news is that based on the emerging claims, Fact-finder in conjunction with the team of “Set the Record Straight” investigating the claim has maintained that the investigation became necessary for honesty and for public documentation following the heat that the statement has generated.

Highly competent source who’s privy to the outcome of the investigation however revealed that Dr. Badero John Olurotimi could not have been the first and only board certified cardio-nephrologist (Kidney and heart disease doctor) in the world, hence his claim was uncalled for.

Facts had it that there are over 18 million doctors in the world with various combined specializations, according to World Health Organization (WHO) and there are thousands of certified cardio-nephrologists (Combined kidney and heart doctors) in the world.

In India alone, it is known that there are over one thousand full trained and certified doctors. Pakistan has over one hundred alone. Some of these specialist doctors have been practicingfor long.

Fact Finder also got in touch with Staff of Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure where Doctor Olurotimi is licensed to practice medicine, we were told that the claims could be referred to as mere exaggerations and misleading which has the tendency to misinform the public.

It was also alleged that Dr. Olurotimi Badero is not even the only heart and kidney specialist in Jackson, MS area alone, the source said.

According to some of his medical colleagues who spoke in anonymity, one of them said, “nobody can lay claim to such title. There are several combined specialists in different fields of medicine, real professionals don’t come out to make claims about issues and claims that are sensitive to members of the public. “This could be seen as pure propaganda to make himself feel good and above his senior colleagues who have been practicing medicine before he was born”, the doctor said.

Doctor Olurotimi Badero who’s purported to have schooled at the prestigious Yale University in USA actually did his Interventional Cardiology fellowship at Bridgeport hospital, a Yale University affiliate.

Fact Finder however claimed it could not find anywhere on record where Doctor Olurotimi Badero received certificate for exemplary performance from the main Yale University in New Haven, CT but maintained that it still on top of its findings to establish the facts.

At the beginning of his professional career, it was revealed that Dr. Olurotimi John Badero got admission to University of Ibadan to study Chemistry.

He eventually got admitted to Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), formerly University of Ife to study medicine.

Facts had it that he was later invited by his senior brother who is also a medical doctor and an assistant Professor at the State University of New York at Brooklyn to move to the USA for post graduate training. Junior Dr. Badero Olurotimi did virtually all his trainings at the same institution where his elder Brother previously trained.

After completing Internal Medicine Residency at SUNY at Brooklyn, he however secured Nephrology Fellowship in the interim at Emory University Hospital, Atlanta, GA through which he eventually got into Cardiology. After Nephrology fellowship, he was offered a training position in Cardiology at SUNY at Brooklyn, where his elder Brother was still on Faculty as an Assistant Professor. He did his Interventional Cardiology training at Bridgeport Hospital, CT.

Junior Dr. Badero John Olurotimi has since been practicing medicine in Jackson in Mississippi.

As against his claim, colleagues maintained that Junior Dr. Badero Olurotimi could better be referred to as the first Nigerian to attain the height but obviously not the first and only board certified cardio-nephrologist (combined kidney and Heart) in the world.

We keep you posted on the retraction of the claims by The Mississippi Medical Licensing Board who we have contacted to make a pronouncement over Dr. Badero John Olurotimi’s claims.

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