The deplorable state of infrastructures, lack of basic educational needs and the very distressing debt profile of Kwara State are now a cause of concern for indigenes of Kwara State. Also said to be frustrating an ordinary Kwaran are the non-availability of healthcare facilities, the trend of using outdated system of water tanker to distribute water in the State’s metropolis, the level of unemployment rate of undergraduates who are now vulnerable in the society.

Leading the agitations for immediate rescue moves to deliver the state from being ruined is Muideen A. Ibrahim, a corporate governance expert and quintessential trainer who, in lending his voice is calling on whosoever means well for the state to ensure voting in a visionary leader as the nation prepares for the 2019 elections.

Aggrieved at how the past administration have plunged the state into acquiring a whopping debt profile of $50,202, 210.96 (about N18.32B) as at 30th June, 2017 as published by the Debt Management Office, he quipped. “So many questions are begging for answer because we all deserve to know what the loan was used for. We kept wondering if the loan has direct benefits on Kwarans? 

Ibrahim beaming with anger on the pitiful state of the state’s health facilities decried how a toddler died in Offa recently because of the negligence of a driver. He told of how the ambulance driver carelessly left his duty post and showed up hours later while the toddler was groaning in pains. “By the time he returned, he was drunk and the Ambulance of Lamodi Health Centre was eventually used in his place to convey the toddler to UITH, Ilorin. Alas, the toddler gave up the ghost on the way to Ilorin due to negligence of a driver”. 

Speaking with Safari News Online, Ibrahim wondered why it is impossible for each senatorial district to have just one state-of-the–art healthcare facility (fortified general hospital) which the state could boast of to stem the tide of mortality rate.

In what he hopes to see as a State of his dream, the Associate member of Nigerian Institute of Management would be more than proud to see Kwara  produce a Technocrat cum Administrator of high integrity who will manage the affairs of the state in 2019 and beyond in order to stem down this tide of debt burden and restore other laudable facilities that will uplift the living standard of kwara indigenes.

While asserting that Kwara should pride itself as an educationally advantaged state with the provisions of basic educational needs cum facilities, Ibrahim took a swipe at past leaders who plunged the state into a situation where communities now employ teachers for basic subjects, a development he termed as appalling, sad and not a good omen for the state. He therefore called for a state of emergency in the educational sector so it will be revamped without further delay. 

According to Ibrahim, “Part of the wastages the State has experienced is the case of billions of naira purported to have been spent on water reticulation. Unfortunately, what we see today is water being distributed in Ilorin metropolis on a daily basis at the expense of other town and villages who are similarly faced with acute water supply. If care is not taken, the State might find itself faced with the danger of water borne diseases”.

Other areas the Consumate entrepreneur advised needs to be addressed urgently in Kwara State are agriculture, rural urban drift to discourage mass exit from the State, taking advantage of the state’s solid minerals, tourism development to enhance the States’ IGR, Lakaji Corridor Initiative, prompt payment of pension for dedicated personnels who have spent the better part of their lives to serve the State, massive roads constructions the way its significantly being done in Lagos, Ogun and Osun States.

Calling on all concerned to disabuse the age-long idea of stomach infrastructure through selling of their conscience, Ibrahim enjoined all and sundry to key into real economic development and transformation of Kwara which, according to him can only be achieved by a proactive manager with track records who possesses the ability and will to get the necessary licence from the federal government in this regards.

Mr. Muideen Adebayo Ibrahim graduated from University of Ilorin, Kwara State in 1994; he is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (ACIS), United Kingdom, and a former Council Member of the Nigerian Chapter of the Institute (2007 – 2010). He is also an Associate Member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (AMNIM). Not only that, he is an Alumnus and Federal Government Scholar (GEL Class 1) of the Prestigious PAN African University, now (PAN Atlantic University) Enterprise Development Centre (EDC), Lagos.

Mr. Ibrahim has over 20 years of practice experience in various industries prominent amongst which are Excel Distillers Limited as a Marketing Executive, Chizeck Chemical Company Limited as the Regional Sales Manager, South West and he had the privilege to act as External Company Secretary to so many Companies’ Boards of Directors in Nigeria in the past when he had a stint with Messrs. Boke Nominees Limited, a firm of Chartered Company Secretaries & Administrators. Not only that, he worked with Lombard Insurance Company Limited (Now NEM Insurance Plc.) as the Group Company Secretary/Registrar.

He is an Entrepreneur per excellence and the Founder of Bamib Services, a Firm of Chartered Company Secretaries and Administrators; which he Founded and was incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission on 3rd October, 2003. He is also the Founder of Libra Consulting, a Management Consultancy Company which was incorporated on 19th October, 2004.

Mr. Ibrahim, who is also the founder of Libra Transport & Logistics Limited which he Founded and incorporated on 16th July, 2010 is at home with Corporate Governance, Strategic Management, Leadership, Corporate Administration, Core Competencies/Personal Effectiveness, Communication and Assertiveness Skills. He loves reading, meeting people and he is happily married with kids.






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