For an esteemed professional like himself, many would have thought Osifo Samson Igbinoba would roll out the drums to celebrate his birthday anniversary like many enviable personalities would do. This Nigeria’s pride, an erudite financial guru, rather than playing host to a score of his financial associates and friends across the country, has only attached importance to recognizing a score of the less-privileged in our society who are walloping in abject poverty.
To the Principal Partner of Osifo Samson & Co, a thorough financial management outfit with a portfolio of over 700 clients, Osifo, no doubt has a heart of gold through which he has been extending selfless help to the needy under his Osifo Samson Foundation.
With hundreds of undergraduates enjoying scholarships while others have benefitted from free jamb forms, the highly fortified and affable young professional believes strongly in giving back to the society. “I could stage a carnival-like party for my birthday but my heart bleeds when I see the under-privileged in our society suffering.
“Those of us who are privileged to have to have all the good things of life, though through our hard work must realize that all fingers are not equal. This is why I have thought of dedicating some of the proceeds of my organization to the needy, windows, orphans and so on”.
In his words, Osifo told of how he cried endlessly during the construction of his personal house in Lagos. “Sometimes ago, during the casting of the German floor of my house, I had more than 20 labourers in my house working hard to finish up before the end of the day. I left them working while I made for my office. When I returned home at about 7pm, I still met them working very hard to finish up. I just couldn’t help but burst into tears seeing women of all sorts and young men working all through the whole day. It was touching and I got so emotional that I had to triple their pay for the day”.
There and then, it dawned on me that so much could still be done to cushion the effects of poverty of some people in our society. Today, I am proud that through my foundation, we have touched lives and still continuing. Our yearly New Year event is usually staged to allow the under-privileged like widows; orphans enjoy themselves under the same roof. We make them feel belonging while they have the best of time usually with a popular music band to entertain them. This aspect makes me so fulfilled”.
On his birthday anniversary this month however, Osifo Samson is proud he’s giving out some useful gadgets like grinding machines, fridges/freezers to the needy with a view to empowering them so they could make a good living and fend for their families.
Osifo Samson runs a consulting firm, with a number of analysts and consultants who are specialists in Corporate Finance, Investment Portfolio/Advisory, Risk Management Analysis, Credit Management, Operations Management, Financial Advisor, Facilitator of Bank Loans and overdraft, Bank Charge Reviewer & Reconciliatory and Tax Management.