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That Junior Dr. Badero John Olurotimi, an American-based medical doctor practicing in Jackson, Mississippi, United States made recent claims on the pages of Newspapers and magazines including social media that he’s ‘the world’s only fully trained and board certified cardio-nephrologist’ (combined kidney and heart specialist) is no longer news. The news is that based on the emerging claims, Fact-finder in ... Read More »

Caffeine protects brain against dementia, Scientists claim

Caffeine has been discovered to contain 24 compounds that can boost an enzyme in the brain that can in turn protect man against dementia, scientists at Indiana University said. The enzyme, called NMNAT2, was discovered by a team of researchers at IU Bloomington in 2016. NMNAT2 serves a protective function in the brain by protecting neurons from stress and a ... Read More »

Five ways to avoid getting sick when travelling this Christmas

Getting sick is normal, however, it can be a huge disappointment when you are travelling to your hometown for Christmas. Not only does it take the fun out of the trip, it disrupts your entire schedule and most times, costs extra cash (when you are plagued with severe symptoms and forced to seek medical care outside of your insurance network). ... Read More »