Recent videos and photos exposing modern day slave trade market in Libya, which have laid bare the shocking reality of the selling and buying of Nigerians and other African nationals in Libya, have sparked global outrage as many have raised their voices to condemn the dastardly act.

Some human right and civil society groups, led by Ace musician, Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charly Boy, went all out and shutdown the Libyan Embassy in Abuja to protest against the slave trade in Libya.

Previously, Charly Boy had, through a coalition of civil society groups under the “Our Mumu Don Do Movement” announced they would stage a peaceful protest at the Libyan Embassy to call for an end to the slave trade in Libya.

A statement jointly signed by Charles Oputa for ‘Our Mumu Don Do’; Deji Adeyanju for Concerned Nigerians; Ariyo Dare Atoye for Coalition in Defence Of Nigerian Democracy; Bako Abdul Usman For  Campaign For Democracy and Moses Paul for MAD Connect, had said that they were horrified over video footages and images emanating from Libya, showing the buying and selling of Nigerians and other Africans into slavery.

The statement had said, “We are horrified by the reports and footage of hundreds of Africans, including Nigerians, being sold into slavery by slave dealers in Libya as published by CNN and several other international media houses.

“These videos show men, women and children being sold for as little as $400. They also show the dehumanizing conditions in which these victims are kept, beaten, starved and killed.

“It is shocking to find that slave trade, a horrible part of African history which is best confined to our collective past and best studied to avoid a repeat, is being conducted so brazenly in these modern times.

“As part of efforts to condemn these acts of inhumanity, we shall be holding peaceful sit outs in front of the Libyan Embassy in Nigeria.”

However, the groups, who, during the Thursday’s protest, displayed conspicuous banners with inscriptions that read, “Slave trade in Africa must stop” called for the urgent end to the slave trade in Libya.

The group said: “Our peaceful demonstration today at the Libya Embassy Abuja against the barbaric selling and buying of Nigerians in Libya. “Nigerians with conscience were there. You too can join us again at the Foreign Affairs Commission on Monday.”

The world still remains in shock over the slave trade in Libya as many have continued to condemn the inhumane act. It has been reported that over 100 Nigerians have been evacuated from Libya back to Nigeria and they told of sordid experiences in the confines of Libyan nationals on arrival at the Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos..


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