Controversy! Late Ayinde Barrister’s family lambasts Wasiu Ayinde, K1 De Ultimate for manipulating history of Fuji * He’s being unfair and disrespectful to his former boss

By “DELE Aberuagba

Elder Dayo Odeyemi, spokesperson of the late Fuji maestro, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister has tersely condemned statements credited to Alhaji Wasiu Ayinde Anifowoshe, fondly refrred to as K1 De Ultimate that the late Fuji maestro (Barrister) was not the creator of Fuji music and for publicly claiming that he was single-handedly responsible for giving him a befitting burial.

According to Elder Odeyemi, who said he has the blessing of the family of the late musician, the statements made by K1 are most unfortunate as well as laughable. “It is also a flagrant display of arrogance and naivety on his part. It reveals his hatred and open jealousy to the man who gave him his source of livelihood and gave meaning to his life as a musician,” he said.

Explaining why the origin of Fuji is beyond K1 De Ultimate, Elder Odeyemi said Fuji was already seven years old before K1 De Ultimate began his musical journey.

He went on, “He was never a part of history of Fuji creation as the music itself (Fuji) was 7 years old as at the time he came into music under the tutelage of Ayinde Barrister in 1974. Perhaps, I should make it clear that Wasui Ayinde who is claiming to know much abut Fuji joined Barrister organization in 1974 after he dropped out of secondary school education at Ansarudeen High School, Ijebu Isiwo. As at 1974, Barrister had released 19 (nineteen) solid records including (2) two singles and one extended play. By calculation, if we subtract 1967 when Barister released his first Fuji record titled Waya Rabi from 1974 when Wasiu  joined his organization as a packer, the gap is 7 years meaning Fuji music is 7 years older than Wasui Ayinde alias K 1 who is now trying to tell the story of what he knew nothing about” he said.

On the alleged claim that he promised Barrister a befitting burial, Elder Odeyemi in his press release made available to Safari News Online stated that K1 was claiming a glory he doesn’t deserve.

Odeyemi added, “It is on record that he visited Barrister only once throughout the period of ten months that Barrister was hospitalized at Havana Hospital, Lagos. It is equally on record that it was the former Lagos State governor, Raji Fashola that donated money for all the expenses of the burial ceremony including refreshment and security at Fuji Chambers and TBS respectively. The question is, at what stage did Wasui Ayinde spend his money bearing in mind that a burial committee headed by Alhaji Buhari Oloto had been put in place by the Lagos State government to handle the burial arrangements. KWAM 1 cannot deny the fact that he was taking orders from Alhaji Buhari Oloto who was in total control,” he said.

Wasiu Ayinde…in his hey days

In his final summation he advised K1 De Ultimate to desist from destroying the legacy built by the late Alhaji Ayinde Barriater, saying, “I want to appeal to Wasiu Ayinde to desist forthwith from destroying the legacy of the man who gave him his source of livelihood. He should also tell the world what he has done for the Barrister family despite all the promises he made to the children and wives of his late mentor.”

Since Wasiu Ayinde made the statement at the event held at the Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos, many of Barrister’s acolytes have been criticizing him, with some of the fans saying he was undermining Barrister, who was said to be his former boss.

Efforts to speak with Wasiu Ayinde to get his reaction to the serious of banters thrown at his by families of his former boss proved abortive. One of his aides simply told Safari News he will get in touch with us when he’s available.

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