Not too long after a lovely lunch meeting she had with MPL/DR Lydia Meshoe in preparation for the end of 2016, Nov 27th women’s program where Pastor Testimony Chepape was to be the speaker that she heard the voice of The Holy Spirit as she worshiped her way home. The voice hearkened on her with the theme, “Women’s Deliverance”.
Oh no, she laughed off but the seed had been sown and being spirit-filled, she was not going to allow the divine message planted inside of her to be killed. She later shared the vision with her affable husband, who after a few days got electrified with the wife’s confidence that God will have to raise funds for the event if truly He instructed. Pastor Testimony was full of assurance that God Himself was more than able to perfect all resources needed for the programme ministered unto her.
The highly enriched Pastor Testimony Chepape went ahead, printed flyers, posters, tickets and made an announcement to the church, (CHRIST THE HOPE OF GLORY MINISTRIES) which she founded in 2007 where God has been using her to Shepherd for 10 years in South Africa.
The day came to reality and unbelievable, the women’s groups in the church were overjoyed while the men equally pulled their support behind the program. “God shocked us all, we had a long-lasting experience in the presence of God”, she told SAFARI NEWS”.
Recalling the divine mystery behind the success of the programme, Pastor Testimony went ahead, “I approached the venue owner’s wife by faith and God raised sponsors from unexpected quarters to pay for venue, food and drinks. Holiday vouchers, monetary contributions and gifts were given from companies who preferred to stay anonymous. It was a great experience seeing all necessary bill paid up to accommodate more than 100 women. God really proved Himself He is the Almighty”.
Mpl/Dr Lydia Meshoe, vice president of African Christian Democratic Party & co founder of Hope of Glory Tabernacle was speaker for the day.

Some female members of Christ The Hope of Glory ministries ( in their cream lace outfits. They made the day a success

Paparutti Freddy Chepape and music Minister Joshua Meshoe led the women in serious praise and worship. Co founders and senior pastors from different churches where Pastor Testimony Chepape is known to preach regularly all came in their numbers to support the woman of a Great God. She led them through dangerous warfare prayers before a raffle draw was conducted. Apostle Wezi broke into tears of joy when her ticket number won the holiday for four voucher to any 5* resorts in South Africa. All attendees including the women were later served with a well spread buffet of 2 types of starch, 2 types of vegetables, meat and fish with home-made lemonades and ginger drinks. What a glorious experience! Gifts were passed around the very happy and fulfilled women who are eagerly looking forward to the next program in March 2017. Theme of the next programme, Safari News has squealed will be a well-packaged prayer session, carefully put together for women who can pray for their children.

Host Pst Testimony Chepape presents holiday voucher to Pst Wezi winner of the raffle draw
High point of the programme
Paparutti Freddy Chepape, (Christ The Hope of Glory ministries praise worship leader) had the women dancing for Jesus
Guest Speaker MPL/ DR Lydia Meshoe
….Buffet time
Cross section of guests

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