The Nigeria’s fashion industry is about to witness an outburst from one of its vibrant and creative members who recently got entangled with a top and highly-rated fashion outfit in Paris.

Popularly known as JAM in the industry, Oluwajuwonlo Adewale Manuwa has been so quiet in a while but SAFARI NEWS’ curiosity led to unveiling what this young but mad artist had been engaged in, in the last couple of months.

We can authoritatively reveal that JAM has been busy sealing an international fashion show in Paris with the organizers who had come to see some of her creative works after series of initial talks before perfecting the contract. The deal was sealed at a five star hotel weeks back in Abuja where Juwon held series of meetings with the officials.

Juwon…in one of her newest collections

After exchange of necessary contract papers, we learnt JAM has decided to keep details of the sealed contract close to her chest especially from her colleagues in the industry who had been curious of her long silence. Some of her colleagues, we gathered had become concerned and troubled when they noticed JAM suddenly withdrew from her consistent and usual presence from the social media platforms. “That was really unlike her, we could not fathom why she remained silent all these while”, said one of her colleagues.

JAM, who had her tutelage under the well-known crazy designer Modela Couture clinched the recognition and subsequent deal with the Paris-based outfit. Soon after she was sought, she withdrew from interacting with some of her friends on several platforms, a development that threw some of her friends in the dark over what may have become of the workaholic designer.

According to our source, JAM got the leverage after she was spotted with her creative collections at the Nigeria Television Fashion Show (NTFS). She then became a cynosure for the eyes of the Paris-based outfit for an international deal.

But in her nature self, since she began correspondences with the outfit, Juwon has remained elusive, keeping all the details to herself but paid more attention to building her repertoire, so she could have more than enough collections for vetting.

All these were sealed at a number of meetings held in Abuja weeks back. We learnt JAM is really forward to displaying her collections in Paris before December alongside other fashion outfits but from what we gathered, she’s more than confident to do Nigeria proud at the fashion show with the creativity she’s going to Paris with.

SAFARI NEWS made several efforts to get her to speak on the Paris fashion show but she declined to give details. All she volunteered was, “All I can say is that am relying solely on the scripture of my life which says, a little one shall become a thousand and a small one a strong nation…Isa 60:22. This, to me, is becoming a reality in my life.  I can only say much when I return to make all the noise regarding the show in Paris”.

Stay tuned to this platform for up-to-date details of JAM’s moves towards her Paris show.

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