The over twelve days of bickering, rumours and political machinations that nearly shook the entire community of Ojokoro in Ifako/Ijaye Local Government area was on Thursday laid to rest when the State Chairman of All Progressive Congress (APC), Chief Dele Henry Ajomale proclaimed that the party’s candidate for the July 22 LGA elections in Ojokoro is Hon. Oladipupo Okeyomi, popularly known as Carry Go.

The party chairman’s proclamation, according to him was based on Okeyomi’s deserving records and his resolve to take Ojokoro to the next level, a move that has been endorsed by the party, the APC National leader, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the entire ten (10) leaders in Ojokoro.

According to the State Chairman, “I have received instructions from the party leader, Bola Tinubu through a phone call from France after having studied the track records of Dipo Okeyomi that he is the party’s candidate and he is the deserving candidate to be flagged at the LG elections, so I cannot do otherwise than to officially announce Okeyomi as the mantle of our mandate in Ojokoro”.

Against this background, Ajomale told SAFARI NEWS, “If there was a case of another candidate earlier being flaunted, I do not know how that came to being but the fact remains that Okeyomi is our candidate and moreso, the entire leaders in Ojokoro signed that Okeyomi was their concensus.

To lend credence to this, the APC party chairman in Ojokoro, Prince Adewale Bello brought out a document to authenticate the State chairman’s resolve that Okeyomi’s candidature had the approval of the entire 10 leaders in Ojokoro.

Hon. Okeyomi’s interractive session with the press yesterday

In his words at the meeting attended by the State party’s executives, Ojokoro leaders, Ojokoro LCDA Sole Administrator, Hon. Adeleke Ipaye, past Ojokoro LCDA Chairman, Hon. Labinjo, Chief Ajomale further said, “Based on all the leaders’signatories that signed the candidature of Okeyomi as their preferred candidate and more importantly the instruction of the National party leader, Senator Bola Tinubu, I have no other choice other than to give credit to who deserves the party’s ticket”.

“Therefore, Dipo Okeyomi, fondly called Carry Go is the party’s chairmanship candidate for Ojokoro LCDA”, he announced with great cheers and jubilation from all present.

Present at the meeting summoned by the Party’s State Chairman, Dele Ajomale at the party’s state headquarters in ACME, Ogba, Ikeja, Lagos were National Deputy Youth leader, Sesan Shobande, Ojokoro party leaders in the persons of Alhaji Mohammed (Ile Ogbo), Alh. Hassan Ajeigbe (AMJE), Oriyomi Olaogun, Hamed Ipoola Omisore, Adeyemi Labinjo, Pa Oguntona Michael, Ojokoro party chairman, Adewale Bello, Ojokoro LCDA Sole Administrator, Hon. Adeleke Ipaye and the man himself, Dipo Okeyomi.

Soon after the historic meeting which immediately sent jitters down the spines of various groups with diverse interpretations following the stolen mandate brouhaha, the party’s candidate, Hon. Okeyomi headed for the LASIEC office in Yaba, Lagos where he officially submitted his form to contest as APC candidate for the chairmanship LG elections come July 22, 2017.

He however made himself available to members of the press soon afterwards during which he officially announced that he has been given the party’s ticket to contest the chairmanship position at the next LG elections.

Full of appreciation to members of fourth estate of the realm, Okeyomi stressed there is need for the press to continue to work with him when he gets to the office because he has great passion to move Ojokoro to the next level.

According to him, he will not relent in his efforts to make good his promises of turning Ojokoro into an enviable community when he assumes office. But he however declines to mention the spate of programmes he wishes to execute for strategic reasons. This was supported by the National Deputy Youth leader for APC, Hon. Sesan Shobande, who asserted that Hon. Okeyomi has very good programmes for the Ojokoro community but prefers to keep them to his chest for now for obvious reasons.

He did not fail to assure the press that he’s more than prepared to follow and discharge the party’s manifesto like offering free meals for school children, free academics materials and so on. Part of these, he added, he’s expecting a container loaded with children shoes and bags from China, ordered from his personal purse. He also chose not to disclose the worth of the order from China.

Asked if all these were just programmes to woo people to vote him to power, Okeyomi rose to educate all present that he has records of various philanthropic exertions he has been involved in the past couple of years which consists empowerment programmes for the young ones and adults like widows and the unemployed, giving out monthly stipends to keep them afloat during these challenging period. “There are records here in the office to ascertain all these claims”, he stressed.

 Not only that, he also mentioned his commitment to support religious leaders both from the Christian and Muslim sectors, all in and around Ojokoro community.

Hon. Okeyomi, whose office has been playing host to scores of well-wishers, party stalwarts, friends, associates and Ojokorians, took time to reiterate that he is committed to making good his promise to employ 700 youths in his first 100 days in office. “I stick to my promise and I will deliver the promise. By the time, we will be celebrating my 100 days in office; I will bring the 700 youths as a mark of testimony to members of the press to see the employed youths”.

He added, “I have always said something that I will not lend women money but I will always give them money free to be able to start individual business because I have found out that our women are very industrious so I will be doing this to encourage them further in sustaining their family existence”.

However, plans are in top gear to roll out his campaign moves and strategies next week pending when the election holds on July 22.


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