First encounter with this highly attractive and fashionable but intelligent young lady would reveal to you she has something up her sleeves, not minding a display of classy and top brands she flaunts at her exquisite boutique on Toyin Street in Ikeja, Lagos.

For Muky Emelda, a graduate of Nigerian Institute of Journalism (NIJ), she’s so passionate about what millions of Nigerians are presently are going through and as such would want to educate Nigerians on the need to re-address who merits the title, “Celebrity”.

Being a celebrity, to me means “You must have gone through difficulties in life and able to surmount the challenges and record success in your chosen career. Such experience has a way of encouraging someone who’s probably facing similar challenges or even different or stiffer difficulties”.

Her passion, in an exclusive chat with SAFARI NEWS was driven based on the prevailing trends of economic doldrums and hardship being experienced by Nigerians. “People need encouragements and highly-inspiring stories that could motivate them to forge ahead and mould their vision to be able to pursue their set goals”.

According to Muky, “Difficulties, in itself has reasons for molding and re-sharpening people’s vision for a better tomorrow. We need to learn from it and come out more refined. The subsequent effect of this is that it reshapes our desires and vision and of course, has positive goals and great impact on the society as a whole. And of course, the nation becomes better for it”.

All these and more is what Muky is bringing to viewers on a well-thoughtful programme on a nation’s network through African Independent Television (AIT). Here, she will be featuring great and highly successful Nigerians from various sectors to share their experiences from their struggling days, how they were able to surmount the challenges and how they have been able to manage their successes.

For now, Muky is keeping the title of the programme close to her chest for obvious reasons but arrangements are in top gear to kick off with the programme on AIT. Keep a tab with us on this platform for an insight into the life and vision of broadcaster Muky Emelda.


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