Indications are rife that the remains of popular actress, Moji Olaiya would be interred in Canada. Though, Safari News learnt from sources close to the family that it has not been finally decided. There were reports that family had concluded plans to bury her in Canada after considering the huge cost of bringing the corpse to Nigeria.

Conflicting developments from another source close to the family also had it that there were no such plans to bring her remains to Nigeria even as we gathered that her first daughter was reported to have insisted on burying her mother in Nigeria at all cost.

An actor, who prefers anonymity disclosed that Olaiya was likely to be buried in Canada as soon as other arrangements have been concluded. He added that the family would send delegates to Canada to be part of the burial and to work on the possibility of bringing Olaiya’s new baby to Nigeria for proper attention.

According to the actor, “I think the family will send one or two persons over to Canada to be part of the burial. I understand they are also likely to bring the new baby back to Nigeria,” he said.

Though members of Moji’s family have been shielding the identity of the father of the new baby from the public but from Safari News, we shall unveil the identity sooner than expected. The mother of two was said to have been engaged to the father of her new baby about two years ago.

The actress had died of complications arising from childbirth. Her baby was born premature- her EDD was for May 2017 but complications arose that necessitated that she be induced to save the baby’s life as well as hers. But since the delivery in March, her health had not been exactly perfect.

Her blood pressure reportedly shot up and she got unconscious. An ambulance was called to transport her to the hospital. But her case worsened and she gave up the ghost before she could make it to the hospital.

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