History was again recorded recently in South Africa when ministers of God were relieved of their usual huge responsibilities to enliven themselves in an ambience that afford them the opportunity to refreshen their soul, body and mind. Staged under the auspices of Pastor Rachel Modise, the visionary of “Times of Refreshing”, the powerful 3-days event got all ministers in attendance engulfed with a life-time experience that will not be forgotten in a long time to come.

Events leading to the annual event began in 2009 when the convener, Pastor Modise received a revelation to create an atmosphere for Pastors to gather empower one another to succeed in their various  ministries. This then began as an annual event that has since encouraged, equipped and empowered a large number of pastors, an experience that kept getting stronger and resourceful each year. In her words, the convener, who became the cynosure of all eyes at the power-packed event told Safari News that the event was particularly conceptualized to equip fellow pastors for effective service to God, encourage each other in becoming the best mothers, sisters, ministry leaders and community builders.

She added, “Not only are we out to afford ourselves the opportunity to refresh our body, soul and spirit because we are engaged in ministering to peoples’ lives every day, so we need to take time to keep our lives too in high spirit. All these we do by continually dwelling in God’s presence.

Day One witnessed Prophetess Connie Dlamini and Pastor Testimony Chepape ministering the word to welcome the various God’s servants into a world of refreshing their service to God. They were also led to pray for one another after a special prayer was held for the visionary and organizer, Pastor Rachael Modise.

…Pastors praying for one another

Day Two however gave all attendees the opportunity to at least feel relaxed from their conventional corporate dressing and clad in their traditional African attire. This was declared open by Pastor Rachael Modise who took the attendees on a spirit-filled traditional service laced with deep prayers for her intercession to further strengthen her and uphold her spiritually for the continual success of the annual event in the coming years.

To further establish the purpose of the annual event, the famous and much sought-after Pastor Testimony Chepape dug deep into the foundation of marriages and peaceful co-existence of Pastors and their families when she lectured on the importance of holding strongly the home front while combining the ministry responsibilities, so neither of the two suffers. That indeed was a moment many were waiting for judging from a wide applaud it generated while she ministered.

…Petrolink owner, Lerato Motsamai speaks on Day Two

One interesting aspect of the Saturday’s programme after breakfast was an encouraging session which strengthened all attendees when Petrolink owner, Lerato Motsamai shared her life lessons and God’s faithfulness at prospering her beyond human comprehension, an experience that turned around the perception of many who benefitted immensely from her true life experience. She later extended her large hearts when she gave out magazines, cardboards for self-building cutouts to cultivate the habits of pasting their dreams as a reminder to work towards achieving them.

…Participating pastors in traditional attires (Day Two) at the retreat

Also on the Day Two, Pastor Arabang Mogoboya, founder of Sisters’ Helping Hand, a non-profit organization which specializing in empowering women spiritually, socially and business wise from all walks of life took time to speak to the Pastors in attendance. It was such a great experience listening to her on Financial Management.

One aspect of the annual event that the pastors would not forget in a long time was Dr. Solange’s delivery of her specialty. The medical practitioner cum pastor empowered the God’s servants with deep health and body care, something they were not usually opportune to experience because of their huge ministerial responsibilities.

The grand finale on the day Three gave the ministers a Sun service to specially put a seal on the weekend prayers, worship sessions and a memorable pampering retreat. Here, pastors were “spoilt” with full one hour body massages, gifts offerings, healthy buffet meals, tasteful dinner while varieties of snacks were beautifully served till early hours of Sunday, under the atmosphere of lively networking, social interactions and above all opening up avenues to further project their individual ministries to soar higher spiritually.

…Pastors in a refreshing moment

…When the Visionary opened the Traditional Day Service

….When Pst Connie Dlamini spoke on Fri night with Pst Testimony (L)

…Praying for the convener , Pastor Rachael Modise at the event







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