Dr. Olaosebikan (OON)


Coming on the heels of the heated security issues in Kwara which has indicted the Senate President, Bukola Saraki and the Kwara State Governor, Abdulfatah Ahmed, former Commissioner of health in Kwara State, Dr. Bola Olaosebikan, (OON) has called on the nation’s security agencies to fortify their operatives in providing adequate security for lives, properties and businesses in Kwara State.

The call, according to him has become imperative following the spate of various confessions recently made by the arrested robbers who gave insights into the involvement of the State government in collaborating with cults groups or sponsoring the controversial “good boys”. “At this crucial period, “Kwara state should have adequate security for lives and properties because the state government should not have anything to do with cults or any other criminally-minded groups”.

In a press statement released by Dr. Olaosebikan, the gubernatorial hopeful maintained that, “it is the height of abnormality for a state called the state of harmony to be arming thugs or paying salaries of armed robbers and giving them operational vehicles. This is collateral damage to all those who have been using thugs in Kwara state and this should be a big lesson to them”.

He however called on politicians in kwara state to embrace a cult and violence free politicking, if a new Kwara must be born at the 2019 elections. “Kwara politicians should show good examples and desist from training and financing thuggery. This is a state of harmony and all those organizing and financing cultists should stop their negative acts from now or the law enforcement agencies would prosecute them as accomplices. Those using armed thugs and cultist have done so much damage to innocent souls and Kwara state because they are in power or they want power”.

According to Dr. Olaosebikan, “We have reached the turning point now and everything should be done to uproot the use of sponsored armed cultists from Kwara politics, a phenomenon which can be traced to 2003 election.  It is fifteen years now that this malady has been growing and I call on all well-meaning Kwarans to rise up to stop this monster (use of armed cultists by politicians or for robbery).If you are a politician that genuinely means well for the people, you don’t need thugs, while you keep your children abroad”.

Proffering a solution, the Guber candidate called for the immediate setting up of a Truth Commission on Cultism & Political violence that have been recorded in Kwara state since 2003 with a responsibility to diagnose this monster fully and come up clear solutions to it. “A lot of people have suffered unjustly from violence since 2003 and the current investigation on partnership between cultists and politicians in Kwara state should go deep and help bring out the truth, to bring an end to political violence in Kwara state, so  Kwara state can have free and fair 2019 elections and beyond”, he added.

It will be recalled that the Offa Armed Robbery of April 5th 2018 by this same cult gang is now a watershed, and confession by those arrested have implicated Kwara state government and politicians including the Senate President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  Dr. Olaosebikan regretted that “this is very sad to hear that the state government house was used as car park for a vehicle used for armed robbery and plate numbers were changed. It is also unacceptable that these thugs are on the pay roll of state government or the so called empowerment giving to them is been misused”. 

“We shall all see how this matter is concluded and those arrested should be given open trial in the court of law. The anti-cultism law in Kwara State should be reviewed to make it more effective and the next Governor of Kwara state must prioritize the issue of cleaning the security mess in Kwara state. They must ban the so called “good boys”, restore peace and harmony in Kwara state, and engage the youths productively in the economic growth of Kwara state. This, he continued is also one of the important reasons why there should not be continuity of insecurity and underdevelopment in Kwara state”.

Dr. Olaosebikan, who’s so passionate about the prospects of the State however called on Kwarans of voting age to get their PVC and vote wisely in 2019. “Nothing will change until we change the type of leadership that has always seen them in power in Kwara state.

Also calling on the Federal government to give Kwara state adequate number of police personnel in line with the United Nation ratio expected, Dr. Olaosebikan asserted that for a state with nearly three million people population, Kwara State deserves adequate and fully-equipped personnel that will ensure prompt security of lives and properties in the State.

Challenging the Kwara state Government, the Guber hopeful quipped, “Where is the new police station promised to be built in Offa town within 45 days after the armed robbery attack of April 5th 2018? Two months after the promise, Kwarans still await the promise to be made good. “I think it is good to keep this promise. We should be promise keepers and Not promise brokers”.

Dr. Olaosebikan, a foremost public health strategist and publisher also commended the Offa community, Olofa of Offa, sons and daughters and well-wishers for rising up to the security challenge of protecting Offa town and business investments and for accepting to build a modern mobile police barrack in the town at a cost of N250million through self-help.

This project, according to him, is now on-going in Offa town. “Government should support this effort and also fulfill its promise to provide a new security infrastructure in Offa by building the promised new Police Station in Offa town, away from Owode market, which robbers have attacked three times in ten years”.

He therefore urged the nation’s security agencies and operatives to provide adequate security for economic life of Kwara state and corporate organizations including financial institutions. Criminals, Dr. Olaosebikan insisted must be prosecuted and the state government should steer clear of cultism. “Kwara state should become a truly progressive state and support modern progressive concepts such as the establishment of state police to augment federal police. It is also time to use modern security technologies in strategic locations in major cities in Kwara. Thenext administration has a great job to do, to clear the cultism shenanigans in the state now and history should not repeat itself. Kwara should move forward and politicians should do away with setting up private armies or conducting their political affairs with thugs”.

Meanwhile, as at press time, protest is being staged in Offa town calling for continuation of investigations into the involvement of the “Powers” sponsoring the robbers which they maintained should not only be seen to continue but concluded so the culprits would be brought to book.

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